Mexican Insurance and toll roads…

So much to learn!  In order to cross the boarder into Mexico we will need to purchase Mexican insurance.  Finding quotes on line is piece of cake - trying to figure out just how much we should buy is another question. How long will we stay in Mexico?  Given that we will be traveling through... Continue Reading →

Reminiscing in Brentwood Bay

I had a lovely visit with my Victoria "family" yesterday - I met Peter and Sandra in 2012 when we embarked on introducing Paddleboard Yoga to Victoria; and what a blast we had over three seasons!   As we continue the planning of our trip (now less than 50 days away) thoughts of what I... Continue Reading →

T-Minus 53 days!

I am so inspired this morning!  I found a blog by a couple who are doing precisely what we are doing.  They however, have already been on the road for a WHOPPING 1084 days! Today's key lesson learned from their site? Buy a solar shower! This is the recommended one - found it on Amazon -... Continue Reading →

Fisherman’s Wharf on a Saturday morning

Another spectacular morning for a walk in Victoria, BC.  Today we stopped at Sam's Deli for our morning coffee, and then continued along the inner harbour.  After enjoying the scenery, we decided to stroll along the waterfront to Fisherman's Wharf. The village of float homes shone brightly in the morning sunshine.  Over the years we... Continue Reading →

Beautiful mornings by the sea

  I am loving exploring Victoria in the mornings! Despite the hustle and bustle of those heading off to work the City is quiet at this time of the year.  There are still tourists, however far less then there had been a couple of months ago when there were cruise ships on a daily basis.... Continue Reading →

We are at 60 days!

We've been thoroughly enjoying exploring the city that we are living in - but with only 60 days until our adventure begins, we are getting both nervous and excited!  We are practicing living with a smaller budget, spending our time on foot and really appreciating where we are at this moment. Having finished off at... Continue Reading →

Rainy Saturday Morning

A friend told us this week about a lovely bakery in town that created CroNuts (sp?) and that they were so popular that they tended to sell out in the morning.  Since we all love our morning walks, we decided to head out to check out these CroNut creatures. Arriving at the bakery before 9:00... Continue Reading →

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