Fisherman’s Wharf on a Saturday morning


Another spectacular morning for a walk in Victoria, BC.  Today we stopped at Sam’s Deli for our morning coffee, and then continued along the inner harbour.  After enjoying the scenery, we decided to stroll along the waterfront to Fisherman’s Wharf.


The village of float homes shone brightly in the morning sunshine.  Over the years we have looked at buying/renting one of these float homes and to this day feel that this would be a wonderful place to live.


Sammy the seal is a star attraction at Fisherman’s Wharf and you can watch the seal cam here:


Time for some Random Acts of Yoga on the dock 🙂



and after strolling around the area for 3 hours – we thought maybe we should head back home.  Another lovely walk taking in the sights of Victoria, BC.  Namaste… Suze

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