Christmas in Victoria

Snow has fallen in Victoria BC! This is an event that gains a great deal of discussion as it does not occur on a regular basis - this time around, the snow fall was rather small, but with temperatures hovering around -2, it is an unusual occurrence An annual event in Victoria, is the Centennial... Continue Reading →

Two and a half weeks until departure

SO ready to start the Journey! I have joined a FB group and am following people in Mexico - each day the group posts lovely photos of their particular travels and adventures in Mexico... since will spend the better part of a week traveling through the US, and another week traveling through Mexico, I am... Continue Reading →

om mani padme hum

I have been attending a weekly yin-yang yoga class and am enjoying the classes immensely. The teacher in this class includes the mantra om mani padme hum in her savasana This mantra that has many, many connotations dependant upon which culture it is being chanted in - in my sharing within this post and elsewhere, it... Continue Reading →

2014 and being Authentic

About 11 months ago I decided that 2014 would be the year that I began to live with AUTHENTICITY Part of my path to live this life was to conscientiously choose to make decisions that felt authentic; that I felt - at the essence of my being - were the right decisions. Some of the decisions... Continue Reading →

… and the march goes on

We are at 32 days until departure! Each day we are spending time checking blogs, sites and news feeds about the routes that we are about to take.  It is unfortunate, but we have been unable to find current books, resource sites etc. about travelling through Mexico and the other countries on our journey.  Luckily,... Continue Reading →

Check out the abundance of fruit!

I happened upon a site this morning that went through some of the fruit of the South Pacific regions of Costa Rica - what a mouth watering experience this has been!  Here are some photos of the lovely fruit that grow in the region - I see myself once again becoming a fruitetarian 🙂 This... Continue Reading →

With only 42 days to go…

Ha, it seems as though it was yesterday we were finalizing the sale of our stuff and getting ready for our transitional space - here we are now with only 42 days until departure.  THESE 42 days will I am confident fly by! I spend a good deal of time thinking about the comfort of... Continue Reading →

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