With only 42 days to go…

Ha, it seems as though it was yesterday we were finalizing the sale of our stuff and getting ready for our transitional space – here we are now with only 42 days until departure.  THESE 42 days will I am confident fly by!

I spend a good deal of time thinking about the comfort of our dogs during this journey; and we’ve decided that we will be brining along their comfy dog beds for the back of the Subaru Outback.

subaru_outback cargo space

I found this stock photo of the back of the car and felt a little better about how much space it will cost us to keep the poodles comfy – this guy is much bigger than that dogs!

We have now chosen our path south of the Mexican border, at least for the first few days – this will have us arriving in  Mazatlan somewhere around Christmas.

Mazatlan photo

It will be interesting to see how many people we meet at that time of year and what Christmas will look like for us this year… we are both Canadians, and both spent the majority of our lives with a traditional Christmas.  We each had snow, tree decorating and numerous gifts.  Over the past few years this has changed for us as empty nesters – and I believe that there will be little shock. The big one for me will be not having my kids OR my grandbabies around at this time of year… will need to be sure to Skype 🙂


I wonder what it would have been like trying to plan this trip prior to the internet; reminding myself that that really was not that long ago!  Thanks to all of the others who have traveled these roads before us, we are able to be quite well prepared as well, will be able to keep in good contact with loved ones at home.

Namaste… Suze

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