Time to start the research on rentals!

The plan for our travels has always been to drive the Pan American Highway, find a place to rent in Costa Rica and enjoy life.  With 29 days until we set out, it’s time to start researching homes to rent – it is amazing how the cost of living is so much lower outside of Canada/USA.

I found a lovely casita (cottage) in Play Avellanas, check out some pictures of the region Map of Beaches near Santa Cruz avellanas Bike on Beach Pig on the beach - Tamarinda

Yes that is a large pig – it seems that pigs like to hang out on the beach in this region!

Surf Avallanas avellanas beach

Also when researching this area, I found a lovely goat milk cheese company.  Being from the prairies, even while we have been living on Vancouver Island, I have always loved being surrounded by farms and farm animals – I thought I would share some of the beautiful animal pictures from the goat cheese farm xoxo

Billy goatsRoosterPigglet buts

JF particularly loves this one!

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