2014 and being Authentic


About 11 months ago I decided that 2014 would be the year that I began to live with AUTHENTICITY

Part of my path to live this life was to conscientiously choose to make decisions that felt authentic; that I felt – at the essence of my being – were the right decisions. Some of the decisions made during the year have been very difficult and the path that I have chosen to walk has opened my eyes to a society that does not support my authentic self.

  My authentic self NO LONGER wants to be persuaded by mass media

It DOES NOT WANT to buy into commercialism

It NO LONGER wants the newest, the shiniest, the fastest


what my authentic self needs in order to THRIVE is

being authentic

 It is fitting therefore, that the year ends with our departure on our journey – perhaps the placement of the final pieces of the puzzle that make up my authentic self

Namaste… Suze

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