Final stages of preparation…

Here we are – we are now only 4 days from our departure – it is hard to believe just how quickly the time has passed!

I believed that by the time we came to this point, I would be a nervous wreck, but to be honest I am quite calm and very excited… truth be told, it still feels quite surreal to me that we are about to embark on this grand journey

This morning has seen me checking out a wonderful site called – this is a site that sets out (interactively) numerous campgrounds and places to stay as we travel through the various countries.  Knowing that there are so may places to stay – and that there are so many others who are not only out there right now, but who have done the same thing 2 months ago, one year ago, 2 years ago is fantastic!

ioverlander page

 iOverlander site – showing that there are 438 reported places to camp in Mexico

Mazatlan to Mexico City

Camping options in Mexico

Mexico City to the Guatamala border

Southern Mexico into Guatemala – need a campground and a vet down here

Guatalmala to Costa Rica

Lots of options through El Salvador and Nicaragua – we will be speeding straight through Honduras

The only question that remains is just where we will be by the time that it is Christmas – we know that we will need to have a vet certify the poodles in Southern Mexico (need a certificate within 10 days of crossing into Costa Rica) and this alone may prove to be challenging during the Christmas season, let alone trying to cross borders

But these are challenges that we are anticipating – and really, since we have no agenda I am confident that everything will work out just fine

There is much work to do in the next few days – so, I will be back with my next post from the road!!!

Namaste… Suze

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