Day 5 on the road

Hello from San Carlos Mexico!

Here’s an update – we left Victoria, BC on Saturday, December 13, 2014 (12/13/14) and travelled through Northern Washington State, all the way to Eugene, Oregon.  We headed out to Sacramento on Sunday morning, and spent an evening in California.

We awoke to a rainstorm in California and travelled for several hours in a torrential downpour! By the time that we hit Fresno, California the weather was once again dry and clear – albeit still very much on the chilly side.  (The temperature for our entire trip through the United States had the temperatures only ranging between 7-13 degrees celsius and hovering around zero over night – brrr).

Mojave Desert

We stopped in to visit my mom in Arizona for our first night of camping on the road – and then headed off to Tuscon, Arizona.  On Wednesday morning we left Tuscon before 7:30 am and were at the Mexico border about an hour later.  Fun times around the Mexican border however.

First of all, there is no border crossing at the  Nogales boarder into Mexico – say what? We cruised right through what looked like a border crossing and found ourselves climbing a mountain on the Mexican side… not really sure what had had just happened, we felt obliged to turn around and see if we had missed something.

After having the border drug sniffing dog thoroughly check out the poodles (and embarrass the border guard controlling him) – we spoke to the nice US border guard who told us that – no we were right to have gone straight through – that there was nothing for several miles down the road; so around we went and took that same road one more time.

Sure enough, several km later there was a Mexican border crossing (after a toll booth actually) – but we got the “green light” and did not have to stop at all.

On to km 21 – to get all of our immigration documentation etc. before carrying on. Although the process took a rather long time, and is quite a disorganized process – it was very much hassle free and easy get done.

The road from Nogales, Sonora to San Carlos, Sonora (that is the state in Mexico btw) was fabulous.  Despite the numerous construction sites, we made very good time arriving in San Carlos, and the beach, by 4:00 pm!

san carlos beachConch Shells

The campground that we are staying at is full of Canadians and Americans and is directly across the road from the beach.  The dogs loved their time on the beach, and after 5 days in the car – it was well deserved.

As at posting this update my photos are not yet on the Flickr account – I have attached only a few taken to date, but of course, will load the whole gamut of pictures as soon as possible.

I will certainly try to post more frequently as there is just too much to report on in 5 days of traveling 🙂

Until next time,

Namasate… Suze

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