Fellow travellers along the road

We met a lovely couple from Vancouver Island in San Carlos. They shared with us their stories of having travelled through Mexico for many years during the winter, and how they lived aboard their boat in the summer.

After learning about their travels, they told us of their favourite campground in Mazatlan – which we quickly followed their lead to.

Indeed we met them once again in Mazatlan, and shared discussions of how lovely it was to be on a resort holiday – yet camping in the heart of Mazatlan.

We parted ways with our Vancouver Island travellers as we headed to the interior of Mexico.

At Lake Chapala, we met a family who had been taking a break from their busy lives in Guadalajara. These fellow tenter began by simply introducing their 7 month old puppy to our poodles, and then quickly invited us to dine with them.

We enjoyed a traditional Mexican BBQ which included several different types of meat for tacos and quesadillas (with no meat) for myself. They had roasted peppers, baked beans, chips and salsa – they further shared their beers with us, teaching us how to enjoy it Mexican style with salt and lime.

It was wonderful to visit with this family who had taken a break from their busy lives teaching in Guadalajara to take a break at this RV Park. We continued to share their company beside a campfire in the evening and then called it a night very early.

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