It was a trying day today as we left El Salvador, crossed the Honduras border – drove straight across Honduras and arrived at the Nicaragua border.

It took a gruelling 4 hours to cross from El Salvador into Honduras, and then another 2 1/2 hours to cross from Honduras into Nicaragua.

We DID know that the border crossings would be more difficult because of the dogs, but nothing could have prepared us for the running around from booth to booth, needing photocopies and more photocopies – being bombarded by locals wanting to “help” and children either asking for money or eyeing up the car to steal it’s contents.  I am happy to say that we have only one more border crossing and then we can relax for a few months!

Tonight, we are staying at the Big Foot Hostel in Leon, Nicaragua enjoying dinner and the local beer.




Tona beer


We learned upon checking in that they have another hostel on the beach, where we are able to camp – THIS is where we will likely be spending New Year’s Eve and our 14 year wedding anniversary!

I have drafted a number of posts of our travels since December 24, and will upload each of them in the coming days.  For now, I simply wanted to update you where we are.  Of course, there are hundreds of photos waiting in the queue to be added to our Flickr account.

It appears that we will cross into Costa Rica either on New Years Day or January 2, 2015.

Until then… Namaste

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  1. Happy anniversary and get some rest it is cold here and wind rain and snow!!!??? Only +5 tomorrow I am in the TV room XOXO

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