Jaco Beach, Costa Rica and Howler Monkeys!

We are at Jaco Beach, CR – which is on the mainland and will continue to head down the Pacific Coast trying to find a place to stay.

As we travelled south however, we were happy that we had left as the northern part of Costa Rica is very dry and windy.  It reminded us of being in the Okanagan in the summer – hot, dry and dusty.  Oh, and the howler monkeys were actually pretty freaky… they would start to howl at 5:30 in the morning, but their howling sounded like a very loud, very sick large pig, yes pig!  The dogs were terrified!
Here’s a fun little video about them 🙂  When we woke up yesterday morning in Tamarindo Beach, there was one of these monkeys in the tree directly above us and it was LOUD!  Then, we realized that the funny monkey had actually decided to pee on our tent – ew.
We stayed in a hotel last night, but may end up in our tent on a beach tonight as well, guess we’ll have to do some scrubbing 🙂

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