Camping Maria and the Caribbean Coast

We have been on the Caribbean Coast for 4 days and 3 nights – and it is time to move along…

The campsite that we found on iOverlander, Camping Maria has been great.  It is on the ocean (no real beach to speak of) but you are able to camp within feet of the crashing waves. Very nice!  Joe and Maria share their home and the harvest of fruit with their guests happily.

We had two young German traveler who were staying here at the same time that were very pleasant and interesting to chat with.

During our time here, we explored the travel-able portion of the coast.  Camping Maria is located on Black Beach in Cahuita, which is just south of Port of Limon.  From here we travelled to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca and onward to Playa Manzanillo.  On the Saturday that we did our tour, there was a surfing competition at Playa Cocles so it was very, very busy in all of the towns surrounding the region.

calhuita black beach

Sadly, we have had rain each day that we have been here, some days more so than the others, and we are finding it very expensive on this side of the country in comparison to the Pacific Coast.  For example, a dinner in Uvita cost us 2500 colons each on the Pacific side, but on the Caribbean side, the average dinner is 6000 colons! We also found that the people on this side of the country are less friendly as a whole, and are not as quick to return a smile and a wave as those on the opposite coast.

Today we will head to the volcano region North of San Jose.

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