Almost a Year Later

Upon happening on a couple about to set out on a journey similar to the one that we completed, my lovely husband wrote this:

“I am posting this today, as it is a great recap on driving thru the Americas. Central, that is. About a year ago, Sue and I, sold all our belonging, packed the dogs, the tent and still to much stuff in the car and drove from Victoria to Costa Rica and back. Needless to say, it was amazing and would do it in a heartbeat.

This morning, while having breakfast at a popular dinner, I was overhearing my neighbour talking about Taking the ferry in Mexico to the Baja peninsula. I went ahead and started a conversation and we met two like minded people that loves to travel and let the universe dictate the journey. It was very refreshing and animated conversation. Thank you Nancy and Corey.

The web site above is one of many we used to research our trip. As they were traveling with dogs, it helped us a lot in knowing what to expect while crossing borders with the two poodles. They were a great source of knowledge.

I hope you can all find your adventure as Sue and I did. The world is amazing indeed and each day a blessing.

Namaste et Bon voyage.

Pure Vida”



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