For anyone who has been following us in our travels, we have clearly made some changes to our original plan.

When we left Victoria, BC on December 13, 2014 we set off on an adventure that would see us reach the Panama border (twice on either side of Costa Rica) and end up back in Calgary, AB.

We found we were just not ready for the “retirement” lifestyle – or at least one that included living on a beach – yet.  We found that we still had too much life, too much energy and too much enthusiasm to think about settling down to that type of life.

So, we decided that we would use the next 5-10 years to regroup, save money and travel, travel, travel.

Since returning to Canada after our adventure, we have had many mini-trips including to Ottawa, back to Victoria and a fabulous food inspired weekend in Venice Beach, CA.

Our main trip for 2016 will be to spend 2 1/2 weeks in Scandinavia, visiting the Town that I was born in, as well as hopefully meeting my (rather vast) family in Finland!  We are gearing up for this trip and beginning the itinerary planning as we speak.

We’ve tossed around some ideas for our main trip for 2017, with Africa coming up as a strong contender.

So, the site has changed from On the Panamerican Highway to The Traveling Years… join us as we explore the world and figure out just what we want our retirement (in 5-10 years) to look like……


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