The months that have passed since I came back to Random Acts Yoga have been a period of growth and self-healing.

I am emerging now, in the Spring, with a sense of purpose and an idea of the direction in which I am moving.

A change has come about.  I am no longer the person that I was four years ago, two years ago, or even last year.  Today, I am learning to live my new Dharma.

That the person that I used to be does not always fit with the circumstances as they are today.

That sometimes you cannot bring back parts of yourself that you loved, because they no longer serve you.

This period for me, has been one of self-healing which is an ongoing process.  I am learning about myself and about what really matters to me.  It is only by going through this process that I can begin to help others to heal and to grow.

There are changes brewing.  Changes that will be revealed and shared with the world to help others to heal and to grow and to change as well.

Namaste my friends…

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