Final stages of preparation…

Here we are - we are now only 4 days from our departure - it is hard to believe just how quickly the time has passed! I believed that by the time we came to this point, I would be a nervous wreck, but to be honest I am quite calm and very excited... truth... Continue Reading →

Count down to the first days of our journey

OH MY - we are really at this point... The last 9 days of our time in Victoria will be busy to be sure - wrapping up my class at the College, finalizing the purge, sending off Christmas cards, and creating post-card mailing lists I've located some pictures on the net that depict what our... Continue Reading →

2014 and being Authentic

About 11 months ago I decided that 2014 would be the year that I began to live with AUTHENTICITY Part of my path to live this life was to conscientiously choose to make decisions that felt authentic; that I felt - at the essence of my being - were the right decisions. Some of the decisions... Continue Reading →

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