2020 Relaunch

It has taken a couple of years of growth, but here I am - ready to launch my new business. Please check out SuzeGuenette.com where you will find pathways to live a life you absolutely love ❤️ RandomActsYoga will grow along side SuzeGuenette.com to create a wonderfully balanced growth mindset. I will be here with... Continue Reading →

an exercise in the yamas and niyamas

Here we are - 20 days from our departure date In the last 6 months, I have managed to let go of most attachments to the material things that I had acquired in my 30 years work in the corporate world Now, with 20 days left for the final purge, I have found that my... Continue Reading →

Reminiscing in Brentwood Bay

I had a lovely visit with my Victoria "family" yesterday - I met Peter and Sandra in 2012 when we embarked on introducing Paddleboard Yoga to Victoria; and what a blast we had over three seasons!   As we continue the planning of our trip (now less than 50 days away) thoughts of what I... Continue Reading →

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