T-Minus 53 days!

I am so inspired this morning!  I found a blog by a couple who are doing precisely what we are doing.  They however, have already been on the road for a WHOPPING 1084 days!

Today’s key lesson learned from their site? Buy a solar shower!

Solar shower

This is the recommended one – found it on Amazon – seems like a great idea to have hot water on demand while we’re travelling; and here I was worried about not finding hot showers during our adventures…

I have to admit that despite the last three weeks (since moving into our transitional bachelor pad) having gone seemingly fast, the anticipation is making the weeks seem long.  I realize that it is now almost November and that we are really in the final preparation stages, but wow, 53 more sleeps? We can do this – we started counting when the days were numbered in the 100’s 🙂

So, the next few weeks will see us getting the dogs prepared for the journey; JF is researching the paperwork required for each of the border crossings, and luckily, has time to work on his Spanish… maybe, in the coming weeks I’ll have some time to do so as well – lol.  Still working at this point – so that may be a bit of a stretch.  I can learn Spanish while we are driving, right?

So, now have our GPS, and have it queued up to take us to Eugene, OR on our first night, Sacramento, CA on our second night and then spend our third night somewhere in Arizona gearing up for our crossover into Mexico at the Nogales border.

NogalesEarly days of travel

Yup, this is getting pretty real!

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