Day 3 in Mexico

Well, we finally feel as though we are on vacation!

Our first night in Mexico had us staying at a beautiful campground in San Carlos called Totonaka RV park.  The camp ground was clean, well run – had washrooms, showers, a pool and was literally right across the road from a fabulous beach that the dogs enjoyed running on.


We left San Carlos around 11:00 a.m. on the 18th headed for a camp ground that came very highly recommended, called El Mirador in a town called Huatabampito, Sonora.

El Mirador Resort

We enjoyed the beach all to ourselves and despite the winds coming off of the Gulf of California, it was a truly spectacular visit.  The hotel prepared a lovely seafood dinner for us which we enjoyed on the patio (with the dogs) while we watched the sun set.  In the morning, we once again had the entire beach to ourselves and watched the sun rise before heading off to our next destination.

On the road again this time at 7:30 a.m. – we are headed to Mazatlan. The stretch of highway between Huatabampito and Mazatlan, although seemingly long was excellent highway.

We learned of a trend in the US, where Californian’s load up their vehicles as high and as full as they can, and drive 24 hours a day to reach their destination somewhere in Mexico.  All day long as we travel, we can see these Californians (and sometimes Arizonian’s) coming flying up behind us at 150KM per hour – pressing everyone else to just get out of their way.  We’ve heard that these people are called “baggers” since their loads almost always include copious amounts of bags, be it luggage or shopping – haha.

We arrive in Mazatlan around 4:00 p.m. (we would have been here a bit earlier but for the taco stand that got confused with our order) to find Mar Rosa’s RV Park.

mar rosa entrance

When we were looking for spots in Mexico, we were warned that at this time of year the prime campgrounds would be full – well, on arriving at the ocean front campground in downtown Mazatlan, we were surprised to see maybe a dozen rigs!  We understand that there are many, many of these campgrounds closing down – presumably due to the inability of people to afford travelling.  In any event, we have decided to spend two nights in Mazatlan, mainly because I just want to hang out on the beach for a day after having driven 4000KM in 6 days.  Yup, time for a break!

Once again, more pictures to follow on our Flickr account in the coming days (takes a while to upload).

Namaste… Suze

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