Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

 We arrived at Restaurant and Bar Viry on Christmas Eve.


The place was bustling and there were several tents set up under palm leaf cabanas. Unsure whether they had space for us, we ventured in to find out.


After finding a translator for us, Edgar explained that “usually, we do not charge for camping, but ask that you eat and drink at the restaurant”.

Sounded great to us, so we set up and proceeded to order pineapple margaritas to accompany our Christmas Eve dinner of a specialty of their which included grilled fish, deep fried tortillas and a number of vegetables.


The sun slowly set off to the west behind a mountain and we fell asleep listening to the waves crash against the shore, and the Mexicans celebrating their Christmas Eve.

Once again the Mexicans really like their fireworks – unfortunately, our little Bella is terrified of them – so she spent a good part of the night trying to calm her down stopping the hyperventilating and vibration.

We awoke early enough to enjoy the sunrise on the horizon, perfectly poised between two rocky crops in the distance; watched the pelicans fishing and decided that we would stay another day at this beach paradise.

Christmas Day was spent alternating bathing in the warm Pacific waters and basking in the 28 degree sunshine.


Christmas Day dinner consisted of calamari mexciana and a couple of Corona. Drinking these with lime and salt just as our friends taught us back at Roca Azul.

Boxing day had us once again watching the sun rise before we packed up camp and headed out on the open road once again – this time, our destination was a beach outside of Tanala in the state of Chipalas – the very last state in Mexico.

Although we missed all of the Boxing Day madness back in Canada – we thoroughly enjoyed our bucket of mixed fruits “natural” bought on the side of the road as we exited Hualtco Natural Reserve.

On leaving, we realized that we had removed our shoes on arrival at Restaurant and Bar Viry and did not put them back on again until we left on Boxing Day.


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